19 August 2011

Lexus GS officially launched

The new Lexus GS series has been officially launched in Peeble Beach Concours d'Elegance. The car, previously preview my LF-Gh concept, adopt the latest of Lexus design language, first prominently seen on CT200h model.

Dimension-wise, the car remains similar to old model. However, front and rear track has been increased by 40mm and 50mm respectively to improve road holding. At the front, lighter upper and lower control arm employed larger bushing, while the rear get an all-new multi-link suspension. Combined with more rigid bodyshell, Lexus aimed to improve handling and the car refinement.

At the moment, 3 models are available. GS250 is confirmed for UK market, while GS350 and GS450h are available too.F-Sport version will be made available too. But GS-F remains a possibility, with no confirmation yet from Lexus.

The car features sharp creases grill edge, called hourglass shaped as of CT200h, bit more prominently styled with more distinctive chroming placement. The car also lost the dual headlamp setup pioneered by second generation GS model. In a way, the car is a spiritual successor to the original first generation car.

The interior is a good departure from current Lexus model, with greater sense of identity. Previous model, including the range topper LS model suffers from non-distinctive interior design which lack the flairs of its European rivals. Now, with more classy touch, Lexus could buy more "emotional" buyers. Enjoy the photos below to appreciate how car Lexus has come with this car.

More detailed technical review are coming soon. For now, enjoy the sheer opulence of the new Lexus GS. For more high resolution gallery, proceed to the gallery below.

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