25 August 2011

Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2012 - more detailed photos

The replacement for B-Class has been unveiled. The proportion does not differ much from outgoing model, but the body surfacing has adopted latest Mercedes-Benz design cues such as angular headlight and creased and wedged side profile.
The new B-Class 2012 features latest MB front grille, first seen on CLS, followed by the new SLK. It is softer than the one C and E-Class, but noticeably harder-edged compared to previous generation of MB cars. The headlight now featured DRL running at the top edge of the light.
There is a sharp character line rising from behind the front wheelarch, kicked upwards and blended with the rear wheelarch. The rear light is more elongated than current car, but similar in design concept.

Vital Statistics:
Dimension: 4359mm x 1786mm x 1557mm (length x width x height)
Engine : 
  • 1.6 litre DOHC Direct-Injection Turbocharged (122bhp & 200Nm) in B180 
  • Similar engine but different tuned to 156bhp and 250Nm in B200
  • 1.8 litre turbo diesel engine - 109bhp and 250Nm in B180 CDi
  • Similar engine, boosted to 136bhp and 300Nm in B200 CDi
  • Transmission : 6 spd MT and 7 spd DCT
  • Layout:Front engine, front drive

More photos and details after the jump.

The interior is a drastic make-over compared to the drab design of previous B-Class. Gone are the straight edged, dark coloured interior accented by slim silver accent. These are replaced by the stunning piece of design you see above. There is a clear layered in dashboard design, with each layer punctuated by either exposed stitching or nicely cut wooded garnish. That, plus the silver bladed air outlet shouts pure class. Stand-alone navigation unit adds a sense of retro-modernism to overall atmosphere.

Below are some more photos of the exterior. My single worry is that, from certain angle, the car can looks a bit under-tyred. But bear in mind this a tall hatchback, and MB still retain the sandwhich platform concept.

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