21 August 2011

Proton Persona R (P3-21A) spied with more detail

Proton Persona R or P3-21A has been spied in convoy together with Exora Turbo. Not one car, but at least 3 different P3-21A were in that convoy. The "B 461A" car especially revealed things we haven't seen yet so far. See the photos below, credited to Paultan Automotive Blog Album.
In this photos, the previously covered front grille is now open to be seen. It is not as intricate as the Tuah showcar, it is in fact as conventional as Proton Waja from last decade. There is a depression at the edge of the hood, above the grille with some rectangular holes. I am very convinced this is the fixing points for chrome garnish. The lower grille in the bumper featured mesh pattern and the lower-side intake is louvered  has fog lamp. There's also character line running from front wheel arch, gently rising along the belt-lines towards the rear light.
This particular car has get rid of the fake rear light, and we can catch a glimpse of the actual rear light running underneath the tape. We can see that the rear light graphic is similar to Saga FL/FLX with some LED in it. We also can see that the rear light unit is split between the rear side structure and on the trunk lid. The exhaust tip is oval in shape and the muffler box is different from the previous test car.
In the "B 2371A", the cladding around the lower bumper concealed the fog lamps, but in this "B461A" we can see the oval fog light together with the louvres. The door outside handle looks very much like Gen2 item which has been widely used in Satria Neo, Persona, Exora and Saga. The door has a thin sash, as it is contained below the side structure. The car is visibly cab-forward where the A-pillar is very much near the front wheel axis. Tiny quarter glass exist in front of front door, to where the A-pillar meet the front fender. 

The rear door aperture is what we have seen on bare BIW some times back. But now we can see the static glass is still retained, despite the visibly tiny rear door opening. The rear window surely will be very cozy in its opening. More photos after the jump.

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