23 August 2011

Honda Odyssey JDM update teaser

The never-been-launched-in-Malaysia Honda Odyssey is set for cosmetic revamp soon. The Japanese Honda website has teased some photos of the updated car. The updated item covers new headlamps, with some retouched at inner edge near the grille, restyled rear light with different graphic and added chrome strips and the customary new rims design. Photos are as below.

This generation of Odyssey has never been launched in Malaysia. This is due to the dominance of used import that is pounding our streets at much cheaper price, relegating the official import Odyssey to insignificance. In its last year of sales, Honda Malaysia sold a grand total of 2 units of Odyssey for the whole year! The sales in the previous year was 150% more unit. Current generation of Odyssey is one of the most stylish around. The photos below is pre-facelift model.

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