20 August 2011

Toyota Camry 2012 - USDM sets to be revealed on 23rd August 2011

The promotional activity for the USDM Toyota Camry has started. After a series of teaser (become a trend nowadays), Toyota has released a launch announcement, together with official interior photos.

The dashboard looks quite upmarket with silver lined between upper and lower fascia and surrounding side vents. The floor console is typical Toyota, with the gear shifter occupied the driver side and identical space next to it for easier drive conversion.

It is quite fascinating to see the kind of image Camry impart to the US market, compared to Asian market. The USDM Camry looks as ordinary as Corolla here, with no chrome accent for plasticky front grille and very subtle rear lights. Asian Camry on the other hand must have big, shinny, chromed and perfectly detailed front grille complete with highly intricate inner headlight graphics. The rear will be LED-flood, surrounded by big additional reflector in the taillamps. The seats will be light coloured with premium fabric or leather that is more soothing and calming rather than drab part fabric, part leather than bounds the thin line between nasty and ugly.

Anyway, lets wait for August 23rd.

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