31 January 2012

Perodua Alza SR - basic version coming next week

Perodua will launch a strip-out version of the Alza sub-MPV, which will be called Alza SR. The model is due to be announced next week. I haven't obtained the precise detail yet on the cut-spec, as well as an indicative pricing, but among cost cutting measures include the deletion of rear wiper, rear screen water nozzle and a different seat fabric. The chromed-finish hood garnish will be gone too, making way for a color coded version. There's not much to be deleted anymore from the Standard Alza, as it is quite spartan with the lack of airbags and ABS as well as a bare-look interior by the use unpainted interior plastic panel and amber meter binnacle and console lighting. The audio system for Standard already features no USB and Bluetooth function. The spoiler and fog lamps are already also deleted in the Standard spec. The 15" alloy wheel is replaced by a cheaper steel rims with wheelcap. What can be deleted anymore?
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Perhaps the immobilizer will be gone too? Or a single-DIN audio system will make an appearance? As it is now, the cheapest Alza is the Standard Spec with manual transmission, which is priced at RM55,503 for Peninsular region is solid color. How much lower can it go? RM 50,000?

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brohai said...

ha.ha...just less 2K.