24 January 2012

Peugeot T73 spotted in Juru R&R

Fellow blogger Arenakereta has spotted the lightly camouflaged Peugeot T73 in Juru during the CNY holiday. According to the news in 2010, the T73 is due to be launched by Nasim in 2012, after quite a lengthy CKD development period as the model was originally launched in Beijing Auto Show 2010.
The T73, or Peugeot 408 as it is known in China is essentially a sedan model derived from the 308 hatchback. Don't confused yourself with the 308 sedan, which is only slightly smaller and was launched in Chengdu Auto Show last year. The Peugeot T73 408 measured 4,680mm long, 1,815mm wide and 1,525mm tall. The wheelbase has been extended from the base 308 to 2,710mm long. For comparison, the 308 Sedan is a tad smaller at 4,558 x 1,805 x 1,505mm and 2,612mm wheelbase.
For China market, Peugeot 408 is available with two engine options. The engine line-up is basically similar to the one in the recently introduced 308 Sedan, namely 1.6L(106PS@5750rpm & 142Nm@4000rpm) and 2.0L(147PS@6000rpm & 200Nm@4000rpm) engines. Transmission choices are 4 speed automatic or 5 speed manual. However, we could pray and hope that the Malaysian-assembled car shares the excellent 1.6L turbo and 6 speed automatic like the 308 Turbo available here, even if only for the top-line model. More after the jump.

While the Malaysian-CKD car is camouflaged here, the actual look of the car is no longer a secret as it has been two-years old and could, and should be on its way to mid-life facelift. The interior too is wholesomely carried over from the 308 Hatchback, with a very familiar instrument panel design. Interestingly, the newer Peugeot 308 Sedan is equipped with an all-new instrument panel. Oh, the T73 also has one of the largest boot in its class, all 562 litres of it, thanks to its hatchback origin. Below is the real-life photo of the Peugeot 408, or T73, albeit in LHD China model credited to Autohome. Expect the Nasim cars to be RHD (of course!) and have a different interior hue, probably similar to our current 308 hatchback model.

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