26 January 2012

BMW M Performance Automobile debuted a trio of tri-turbo diesel cars

BMW M Performance Automobile is a new sub-division within the BMW AG, and is tasked in producing a wider choice of performance-oriented model independent of the M Division. With the debut of the sub-brand, in comes a trio of tri-turbocharged diesel powered all-wheel-drive cars/SAV. The vehicles in questions are made of a couple of F10/F11 5 Series, an X5 and an X6.

The model introduced are M550d xDrive (Sedan and Touring), X5 M50d and X6 M50d. As the name implies, all models channelled their drive to all four wheels, via an 8 speed automatic gearbox. The common powertrain for all of these variants are a newly developed 3.0L in-line six cylinder diesel engine, forced fed by three turbochargers. The 2,993cc engine comes with all the latest three turbochargers with variable geometry turbine, common-rail direct injection with piezo injectors with pressure of up to 2,200 bar. The engine produced 381bhp of power in the rpm range of 4,000-4,400rpm and a earth-pulling 740Nm of torque between 2,000-3,000rpm.

As the vehicles which this new superb powertrain varies greatly in size, the performance is independent of each others too. The fastest among this trio ( or 4 considering F10 and F11) is the M550d xDrive sedan, with its 4.7s 100km/h sprint. Fuel consumption is rated as 6.3L/100km with Euro 6 exhaust emission standard. The Touring version of this 5 Series is 0.2s slower and consume 0.1L/100km. Negligible difference really. The heavier X6 M50d is a tad slower at 5.3s century sprint and consumed 7.7L/100km of fuel and Euro 5 rated. The X5 M50d is the slowest-sprinting among these family with its 5.4s 100km/h sprint and slightly more frugal than its coupe-SUV sibling at 7.5L/100km. All models have a common 250km/h top speed. Has diesel cars have been as desirable as this? More detail and photos after the jump.

While all diesel Bimmer are commonly looks a stunner, a brief walk along side them revealed a humble clattering sound. It is hardly matters for the owner though, who get to enjoy the car from the inside as opposed to the admiring pedestrian. However, BMW has upped the ante in the sound department, so that the price-payer could enjoy an even greater sound. All of this tri-turbo cars come with a sound system that reproduced an engine sound through the audio system, which works via the interaction of of digital signal processing that calculate the precise sound for a given engine speed, gear position and vehicle speed. 

True to their M designation is each model naming system, all models get an M-tuned setting for suspension as well as bespoked exterior aero package. The 5 series model rides on 19" wheel and the X-series rides on a 20" item.

The interior too is an M spesified with sports seat with dark shade, M leather steering wheel, Anthracite BMW Individual roof trim and aluminium interior trim.

These models are due to be formally launched in Geneva motorshow in March 2012 before going on sale in Germany in May 2012 for the 5 Series and June 2012 for the X series. Pricing has been announced for all models, detailed as below:
BMW M550d xDrive: EUR 80,800
BMW M550d xDrive Touring : EUR 83,750
BMW X5 M50d : EUR 82,200
BMW X6 M50d: EUR 85,800 

Detailed gallery of each model can be found below:
BMW M550d xDrive: 

BMW X5 M50d : 
BMW X6 M50d:  

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