11 January 2012

2015 Honda NSX previewed at North American International Auto Show

Remember when Honda said the Avenger's Acura concept car has nothing to do with the new NSX back in October last year? Well, they lied! Honda/Acura has revealed the NSX concept at NAIAS 2012, and it bears more than passing resemblance with the concept car featured in Avenger. For today, it seems that Honda will make a return to supercar arena after retiring in 2005, when the current NSX ceased production.
Just like the retired NSX, the new NSX will be Honda technical tour de force once again. While its forebear rock the world with world's first all aluminium monocoque, titanium conrod among others, the 2015 supercar challenger will feature an advanced powertrain system, dubbed E-SH-AWD. This hybrid drivetrain will feature a highly-tuned V6 engine mounted mid-ship and will drive the rear wheel via dual clutch transmission. The gasoline engine will be accompanied by the twin-electric motor mounted in the front axle, powering each of the front tyres. While Honda is still yet to reveal the total power and torque, it is very likely to trail its European rival to its small-capacity engine, but the electric motor with maximum torque from standstill, combined with lightweight construction, should enable the quick off the line gateway.
Honda has insisted that they are emphasizing high performance through engineering efficiency. Even with the real need to ensure spirited driving experience, the supercar should responds positively to environmental responsibilities. This explained the utilization of hybrid drivetrain and lightweight construction. The chassis is highly like to feature a lot of aluminium and other exotic material, as well as CFRP.

The E-SH-AWD will bring what Takanobu Ito, Honda President and CEO reckoned will make the NSX the ultimate expression of Acura's idea to create synergy between man and machine. The new NSX will make the driver one with the car to enhance dynamic driving abilities without getting in the way. The electic motor mounted up front should improve handling too, as it will permit highly responsive electric torque vectoring.
The decision to ditch the V10 from the originally-conceived NSX concept will enable the new NSX to create its own market positioning within the stiffly fought supercar market. Being a me-too product in the European dominated product segment won't be a good idea, as Honda US R&D Chief, Gary Evert said Honda won't directly take the Europeans at their own game. The advanced hybrid system will make the new NSX such a niche in being a first "green supercar"  with the maximum synergy of technology to deliver supreme driving experience while at the same time being responsible to the environment. More after the jump.

The car bears many of the current Acura design cues. The "beak" front concept can subtly be seen, so is the hard-edge styling surfaces. Essentially, the NSX Concept looks just like to fixed-roof version of the concept car previewed in the Avenger movie. The new concept car grows a headlamp on the otherwise, very similar front fascia design including the bumper assembly.
The resemblance at the back in obvious too. The bumper arrangement is the same, while the rear combi looks identical too.
Where does this leave the HSV-10, the car that compete in SuperGT based on the "near production" license?  The new NSX is so fundamentally different, with mid-mounted advanced hybrid drivetrain instead of FR layout of V10 engine. So Honda, what about replacing the S2000 with S5000?

 Some more photos of the NSX concept can be found below:

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