08 February 2012

Nissan 370Z updated for 2012

Nissan has unveiled the updated 370Z model at the Chicago Motorshow. However, this is not an all-out facelift as changes are minor. Among the styling tweak include a revised front bumper design, which surprisingly looks like an evolution from the 350z. This include the squared-off radiator intake and a vertically-positioned DRL on the bumper. The former replaced the fanged outlined of pre-updated 370z, while the vertical DRL positioning hardened the soft radius of last year 370z bumper edge. The comparison can be drawn based on the inset photo of last year's 370z.

However, you have to squint really hard to notice the changes at the back, if any. Nissan declared they have replaced the blackened rear reflector on the fascia with the red reflector, which anyway is a variation from version of different continent, as the Euro model inset below is already featuring red reflector. A quick check revealed the US model was indeed fitted with black cover previously. The biggest exterior changes, apart from the afore-mentioned front bumper, is the highly stylistic new alloy wheel. The standard car wears a newly design 18" item, while the Sport Package car gets a bigger 19" item. Going for Sport Package too will get you a red caliper and a stiffer absorber dubbed Euro-tuned. Exterior makeover is completed by the addition of two new exterior shades called Magma Red and Midnight Blue. More detail after the jump.

Nissan has also updated the interior of the Z, whereby the change is limited to the darker fuel gauge trim. The rest of the cabin is pure 370z as we all know, snug and cosy, full of character with its chunky steering wheel and gear knob holding point and garnished with silver accents littered to the meter binnacles, floor console surround and door inside handle. 
As this is just a minor update, the drivetrain package has been completely retained. It means the snug sports car is propelled by the 3.7L V6 that kicks out 332bhp@7000rpm and  366Nm while the NISMO version produced 350bhp@7400rpm and 374Nm@5200rpm. While the NISMO model is only available with 6 speed manual with SyncroRev Match, the standard model is also offered with 7 speed automatic transmission.

If you managed to forget, the 370z is a smaller car compared to its predecessor, the 350z. The length has been reduced by 69mm to 4240mm, while the wheelbase has been chopped by 100mm to 2550mm. The smaller dimension, with the addition of aluminium subframe, engine cradle , door panel, hood and tailgate keep the weight in check instead of customary weight increased for each generation progression.

The update package is implemented across all 370z range including the Coupe and Roadster, as well as the NISMO version. The car will be in US showroom from June onwards and will be sell as the MY 2013. Small gallery of the 2013 Nissan 370z can be found below.

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