22 April 2012

First photo of Youngman-Lotus SUV - close enough to Proton MSX?

Youngman is going to showcase its new SUV in forthcoming Beijing Motorshow. Although officially still billed as a concept, but the car looks as production-ready as it can get. Since years ago, public over the net keep saying that this is the production version of the Proton MSX (or Lotus APX depends which one you see first), but this yet to be named Youngman-Lotus SUV merely shares some cues here and there, with none of the dynamics surface tension that littered everywhere on the original Proton's concept. But that is expected, as some MSX cues are impossible to be incorporated into the mass production, such as the triangular rear window. Overhere, Lotus has finetuned the design, right to the borderline of being me-too product, but still sufficient to inject some excitement towards the rear end design.
The front end is not only different to the MSX/APX triangular theme, but if one integrate the blackened part in the middle of the bumper, one can even see some resemblance to Proton Preve frontal fascia design. But the strong hood characterline that runs from the grille all the way up to the A-pillar has been retained. Youngman however adopt a big fender design that wrapped around the headlight. Front bumper is chunky in a bid to give some toughness perception.

The side profile is sleek, although the red lens rear lights do comes as a bit too loud, possibly due to its size and position that makes its reddish become more apparent. While no official information is available yet for the SUV dimension, it does looks suitably low.
The rear end is a combination between the MSX/APX and cues from second generation Toyota Harrier. But Lotus managed to make them all synergized well and present a somewhat very attractive rear end design. Details are scarce at the moment, but the SUV is tipped to be powered by Mitsubishi-sourced engine in 1.8L and 2.0L capacity. However, there are also sources claiming that the crossover is powered by Proton's campro engine, namely in CPS guise and probably in CFE tuned too. This is more convincing as the SUV itself is Proton-based.

Some more photos can be found after the jump, and a Proton MSX photo for comparison.

Proton MSX design for comparison. 
For more details about Proton MSX, refer to MMN previous posting HERE.

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