24 April 2012

Honda at Beijing Motor Show - new Accord and Stream in disguise?

Honda unveiled two concept study at Beijing Motor Show, and simply called them S Concept and C Concept. The former is the 7 seater people mover, while the latter is the mid-sized sedan. Both model are said to preview the 2013 production model where the S Concept will be made with Dongfeng-Honda, while the C Concept will make it to the mass production with Guangqi Honda, yes you read it right, Honda has more than one partner in China mainland!
Honda C Concept is the Honda Accord-sized sedan, and most probably hinting towards the Asian version of Honda Accord, which essentially a variation of the American unit. According to Honda, C stands for "Cool", "Challenge" and "China". However, the car bears more than passing resemblance to the Honda Accord Coupe Concept which was revealed at 2012 North American International Auto Show. The basic silhouette is almost the same, right down to the rear light basic shape, to the rising character line round the flanks. It is only the front end that has been "Chinesized", which means it get a large, garish chrome unit that is very loud, probably signifying prestige. 

Honda S Concept meanwhile is the hybrid-powered people mover. S stands for "Stylish", "Smart" and "Surprise". However, for MMN, S stands for Stream. The ageing Honda people over was launched back in 2006, and is already long in the tooth. Traditionally, Honda Stream is released to the market within a year of each new Honda Civic, and hence it should be close already.
With both model are destinated to be launch as 2013 model year, we can be very sure that it could be the replacement to the current model. Typically, there are very few Honda that is China spesific, so these duo could actually preview two global model, albeit customized to China taste, just like any car in  their current portfolio. More photo of Honda S Concept and C Concept after the jump.

Honda C Concept

Honda S Concept

Motorshow photo source: Car Watch

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