23 April 2012

Proton Preve Executive - photo compilation + manual version

Lately, people has been complaining about the lack of Proton Preve in cheaper guise to be seen at the showroom. The author did check this out, and found that the showroom car was indeed the most expensive CFE variant, so is the Test Drive car. There are a few Executive model that can be seen lurking somewhere in the showroom precint, but these car customers car, shut lock, ready for delivery.

For those not in the know, the Executive variant does have some differentiators to the more expensive Premium version. Apart from the equipment level and drivetrain that we all have come to know, the interior trimmings are different too. Gone is the simulated wood on the fascia, and in comes the gold-ish panel that adorns the dashboard and the front door trim. The steering also is not leather wrapped and the panel that housed the Premium's starter button has been simplified with slotted item. The touchscreen ICE is gone too. The CVT gear console lack the manual-slotted item found on the Premium version that comes with ProTronic CVT. The difference are small, but enough to make the interior feels differently.

MMN managed to snap some photos during the launch last week. Here are compilation of them.

General Cabin

More and more photos after the jump.

No power-fold button for side mirror here for Executive
Floor console with two cupholders + coin holder

No push start button here, replaced by card holder
Manual transmission version

CVT version

Note the non-gated type, but with SAT button
That's all for the Executive version, particularly for the manual version. For more photos of Proton Preve including the Premium version, please check out MMN mega launch gallery HERE. There are actually tonnes more photos captured by the MMN team during the event, but we think this is sufficient to serve the purpose already. MMN has also tested the car, so stay tune for the test drive report!

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