22 April 2012

In Photo - Toyota Prius C at AEON Rawang

Toyota Prius C (or Aqua in its homeland) is Toyota's foray into the hybrid supermini. Thanks to the tax-incentive (meaning tax free) in Malaysia, Prius C can have a competitive price, just like other foreign supermini in Malaysia, making the extra price of hybrid car goes unnoticeable. Prius C was introduced in Malaysia in February 2012, a very quick move by local UMW Toyota judging by the fact that the car was introduced to Japanese market only in December 2011. Below are some galleries of Toyota Prius C, caught in AEON Rawang.

To recap, externally, Prius C is  3,995mm long, 1,695mm wide and 1,445mm tall, and rides on a wheelbase of 2,550mm. The car is powered by 1.5gasoline engine hooked to THS-II, Toyota hybrid drive system. Under the Japanese test cycle of JC08, the Aqua will return 35km/l, while in 10.15 mode, it returns a staggering 40km/l. The new hybrid powertrain is 40kg lighter than the unit in Prius. The petrol lump produced 73PS@4800rpm and 111Nm@4000rpm while the electric motor punched out 61PS and 169Nm. With some algorithm involved, total power output is calculated to be 101PS. Interior photo and the 260L of bootspace photos can be viewed after the jump.
The Dashboard, Steering and Centre Console

The front and rear door trim
If you want to know how to make cheap plastic looks reasonably expensive, ask Toyota!

The cabin & various storage points

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