17 April 2012

Proton revealed its first global car, the Preve

Proton Preve was launched last night at MIECC by Malaysia's Prime Minister. Touted to be Proton first global car, Preve has a lot of hype to live to. However, if the sheer motivation of the staff and the appreciate from the (departing?) MD to the Protonian is anything to go by, Preve should meet all those expectation.

As expected, three variants are available. The entry level model is the manual-geared 1.6L IAFM+ model at only RM59,990. The same engine but with CVT (with 6 preset ratio option) is next in line at RM62,990. The range topper turbocharged CFE with ProTronic 7 speed CVT is still dirt cheap at RM72,990. Take a look at the price and remember that this car is as big as the Honda Civic.

More news to come later today, including the detail gallery of the new comer. MMN was there last night to cover the event, hence picking up stories too. Among the interesting ones are: DSZ is really leaving, R3 Preve is coming and DRB is contemplating to buy  an engine design entity based somewhere in the nearby postcode.

Stay tune!

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