15 August 2013

All-New 3M Car Tint Film - From RM1,600

3M, the global technology conglomerate known for its breakthrough innovations, is redefining automotive window films with the introduction of the all new 3M™ Nano Safety AutoFilm. The 3M Nano Safety AutoFilm is engineered to keep glass pieces in place upon window breakage, and it has undergone rigorous testing to attest that shattered window glass will hold together, reducing the likelihood of flying glass shards causing injuries, while slowing down attempts to break into one’s vehicle.
It also features a proprietary, 3M-patented, Multilayer Optical Film (MOF) technology, which combines more than 200 layers into a film that is thinner than a Post-it® Note. This technology is the only one of its kind in Malaysia, and each of the hundreds of layers reject a different wavelength of Ultraviolet (UV) or infrared solar radiation, resulting in a clear, lightweight film that can out-perform darker-tinted films.
Recommended by the U.S Skin Cancer Foundation, 3M Nano Safety AutoFilm is designed to reject 99.9 percent of both harmful UVA and UVB rays, and up to 97 percent of infrared wavelengths to keep you safe from the heat and sunrays. This level of solar performance is an unrivaled benchmark in the Malaysian market.
Instead of darkened window films that could reduce driving visibility, 3M Nano Safety AutoFilm is designed to allow clear, cool, visible light into your car for a safer driving experience. It also won't disrupt your mobile, sat-nav or satellite radio reception due to its non-metallic construction.

Typical in 3M fashion, the product is warranted for 5 years against peeling, bubbling and blistering. 3M is offering the 3M Nano Safety AutoFilm at an introductory price from RM1600. In addition, for a limited time a set of 3M Door Edge Protection Film will be provided with every Nano Safety AutoFilm installed. These protection films help protects door edges from chips, scratches, and scuffs, thus keeping your vehicle looking new. This promotion is valid till 31st August 2013; terms & conditions apply.For more information about 3M AutoFilm Authorized Car Centres locations, kindly log on to www.3mautofilm.com/my or contact 3M Malaysia at 03-7884 2888. 

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