30 August 2013

Leak: Land Rover Discovery Facelift

Land Rover Discovery has been in its current form since 2009, when it received a host of styling and drivetrain update from the original 2004 model. For 2013, LR Discovery is set to be updated again to bring the styling on par with Land Rover latest design theme.

The front end will get new headlight, grille and bumper assembly. The current LR Discovery embodied the LED-laden light arranged in intricate structure which was the trend back then, and now as the LED tube come into play, the new headlight is set to change again for a sleeker and more modern appearance. The upper radiator grille insert also is redesigned, together with minor enhancement to the bumper detail.

The change at the back is more subtle, appreciable only by the eagle-eye observer. Customary update include the new rear combination light, albeit very minor as the major detailing is retained.  The rest of the item looks visually similar to the current car.

Facelift photo source: Jokeforblog

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