12 August 2013

Next Generation Award 2013 - Open For Entry

If you Malaysian reading this, and currently in the UK, and have an idea on how to change the automotive world, please, please and please participate in Autocar Next Generation Award 2013. Conceptualized since 2011, this is the arena for the automotive talented star to bring forward their idea for an innovation to the automotive scene. The price is worth the struggle, GBP7,500 which is no big deal, but the BIG DEAL is 5 month internship with the Award Sponsor. The award sponsor is McLaren,Jaguar, Land Rover, Skoda and Toyota so you'll stand a chance to get the best opportunity of your life!

The entry is simple, 500 words essay is all you need. You need to demonstrate the whole chain of your idea from inception to implementation. The details and form can be seen through the link HERE. If there are reader here who get the access to spread the news to Malaysian in UK, please do so. We overhere in Malaysia are not eligible to enter.

I would like to urge all who is eligible to participate. Believe me, if you managed to be one of the finalist (better still if you win) it is a life-changing experience. Why do I say so? I was the product of such competition, whereby back in 2004, Renault F1 launched its inaugural Engineering Academy with Altran. It was such a memorable experience being one of the five finalist, get interviewed by Daily Telegraph and appeared in Fifth Gear tv program. You can check it out HERE.

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