21 August 2013

Volvo V40 Enters Malaysian Market

The sexiest car ever to wear Volvo badge has entered Malaysian market, and it is even locally assembled for your buying pleasure. 3 variants of 2 bodystyles are on offer, starting from the V40 T4 at RM173,888, V40 T5 at RM188,888 while V40 T5 Cross Country weights in at RM198,888. Assembled in Shah Alam, it is a big deal at these Volvo can be yours all under RM200k.

Volvo V40 T4 is powered by turbocharged 1.6L paired to dual-clutch powershift transmission. Power and torque are rated at 180bhp and 240Nm, while performance figure are 225km/h and 8.5s sprint to 100km/h. No slouch! The higher performer T5 is powered by i-5 turbocharged 2.0L, punchier at 213bhp and 300Nm, channeling the drive via Geartronic 6 speed automatic (single clutch though). Performance is Golf-GTi alike with 6.9s century sprint and 230km/h top speed. The Cross Country is powered by the same engine, however the top speed reduced to 210km/h.

The new V40 is 4,369mm long, 2,041mm wide (including mirrors) and 1,445mm tall. The wheelbase is 2,647mm. The Cross Country version is essentially the same apart from from pseudo-SUV appearance thanks for higher ground clearance and muscular body cladding to lend it a tougher look. This gives it 40mm increased in height compared to the hatchback.

Small gallery during the model global debut can be found after the jump.

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