13 August 2013

SBU V3 Mobility Solution

Ever feels that transiting from the bus station to the next train station is a bit too tiring to walk? Get SBU V3 then. It is an electrically powered single wheel device, self balancing and lightweight at 12.2kg, it is compact enough to be hauled into the public transport and stored underneath your work desk.

Created by Focus Designs (USA) the SBU V3, self-balancing unicycle, is genuinely a new way to travel and riding it a truly unique experience. Ride for pleasure or as great way to get from A-to-B. Precision crafted by hand with 6061 alloy, built to last and look good, the ultra-portable SBU is capable of 23 stone (148 kg) loads.
No handlebars, no steering wheel, no need for any of that! Control your SBU with natural leaning motions and experience a new way to travel. Lean forward to go, lean back to slow down/stop.
The SBU takes about 20-30 minutes to learn and once you master it riding becomes as natural as walking and talking. Using features like Turn AssistTM , Push BackTM and Smart SenseTM the SBU V3 actively “learns” your motions and performs numerous safety calculations every second you ride. The sensors are the key to the SBU’s superior movement capabilities. Multiple 3-axis accelerometers and gyros provide superior inertial measurement ensuring a ride like no other.
Among the many technological achievements of the SBU is the motor control module. The Focus Designs Pure Sine Wave controller is more advanced than anything you can find on the market. With regenerative braking, unmatched efficiency, eerie silence, and torque control at a granular level, the brushless DC motor controller is the only one in its class.

Available to order now through: www.eddyline.co.uk

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