05 September 2012

2013 Honda Accord - full gallery and specification

Honda has finally lift the embargo on the details of the US version of Honda Accord. Thus for the first the interior design is no longer a secret, the engine option detailed out and the shrunken dimensions can be quantified. MMN is not going to dwell too long on the details, as our version could be different. There are plenty of trim level for the US market, but we are going to ignore this for the same reason. However, read on for some fundamental details and enjoy the gallery.
Firstly, about the dimensions. The new Honda Accord measures 4,861mm in length which is 89mm less than the current bulging car. Wheelbase has been shortened too by a meagre 25.4mm down to 2,775mm. Overall height gas dropped a little to 1,465mm. Despite this, rear legroom has been improved by 33mm, while the boot volume has increased by a 28L. Not all dimensions are better though, some has suffered such as less front hip room, smaller fuel tank and slightly narrower cabin. But those milimetres won't be a deal breaker. 
In chassis department, Honda's new Accord rides on an all-new platform. The front suspension is finally mainstream, as Honda has ditched its traditional double wishbones suspension, consistent with the rest of its product range. In comes McPhersons strut then. Rears are still taken care by the multi-link setup though. Main reason for the switch was said to be due to the packaging reason. 

On the engine front, there are two gasoline engine on offered. Firstly is the Earth Dream 2.4L with direct injection. It delivers 185bhp and 245Nm. It is paired to either 6 speed manual or , for the first time, a CVT. Another engine is the 3.5L that comes with direct injection and VCM. It punches out 278bhp and 340Nm. Transmission is 6 speed automatic. On that side of the world, Honda will be offering a plug-in hybrid too. In essence  it is a 2.0L gasoline paired to 124kW of electric motor. The Asian region will be very likely to come also with the 2.0L petrol that is found in the latest CR-V and Civic. The transmission option however will need to wait, MMN see a slim chance of CVT unless Honda is really rolling out its new drivetrain globally.

We also now can see the dashboard uncamouflaged for the first time. It reveals nothing new and it looks as if the material quality is there. In contrast to the new Civic, the new Accord looks expensive in photo. But we can't judged by photo, as Proton Gen2 also demonstrates similar perception when the photo was released some times back in 2004.

Two different interior color scheme, dark and beige and the design of both automatic and manual can be observed

Rear legroom looks promising. Note the version above has no rear aircond

Close-up of the centre console

The version with touch screen audio control

Door trim design is all-new, looks more CR-V and Civic
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