17 September 2012

Photo Gallery of Star Motor Carnival at Bukit Jalil

Star Motor Carnival was held from Friday 14th September, and will draw its curtain later today. Essentially it is many car showroom (if not all) gathered at one place, with accessories shop, classic cars and drift cars thrown in for an added pleasure. Many mainstream makers especially Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda made a commendable effort in displaying their product portfolio to the massess. Malaysian car maker is less so, with minimal exposure detected. Germans didn't even bother, except the iconic Beetle which made its presence.

Below is the compilation of the photos I managed to snap around, so do check out for some outlook of the cars in our country.

Mazda 3 FL and CX-5
Note the new front bumper

Touch screen multimedia is now standard on all Mazda3

Honda CR-Z
If only Honda Civic interior is like this...

The hybrid drivetrain

Notice the low inner structure inside the fender. Should be good for pedestrian protection

Porsche 911 - a bunch of them complete with the famous whale tail

Ferrari Dino (actually it shouldn't be called a Ferrari, but for completeness sake)
Enjoy the curvaceous bodywork that still stands elegant right to these days

Chevrolet Corvette

 Finally, a Hot Rod - take a look at fully exposed design detail!

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