14 September 2012

MotorFan Magazine - where the new car laid bare

I first came across the Motorfan magazine from my old office, where many personnel brought back this magazine after finishing their stint of work with the Japanese engine design company. This magazine usually will accompany the launch of the new car only slightly later than the car itself, and not limited to Japanese brand maker only. Some that I came across includes the new BMW F30 3 Series, Toyota Aqua (Prius C), Subaru BRZ, Toyota Caldina, Honda Integra Type R and many more. So naturally my trip to Japan won't be complete without them.

The magazine usually outlines the detail from the styling conception prior final selection, tickle down to the snapshot of body structure, suspension and drivetrain drawing. Some are even captured from Catia software, shared freely but surely controllably by these car maker. The magazine also covers the mundane stuff like the trim level, various accessories and also comparison with relevant rivals. They share their first-level technical details. And these are the global company that we are talking about, the one that has the latest of everything at their disposal.

MMN tried to get the same information from Proton in April for Preve. Although the questionaire has been filled by many of their lead engineer, it never found its way back to MMN inbox. Perhaps Proton Preve is a seriously global car, constructed from unobtainium, suspended by anti-gravity and crash-tested in moon's zero gravity such that all information are so closely guarded so that BMW, Toyota, Honda and Bentley won't steal them! Oh well....

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