20 September 2012

McLaren P1 - the design study of forthcoming hypercar

This is McLaren P1, a design concept of the next year McLaren F1 successor. Tipped by McLaren to be their "best driver car in the world on track and track", the sensational looking hypercar will pack a twin-turbocharged V8 paired for F1-style KERS, delivering 600bhp on gasoline, and additional 160bhp aided by KERS, giving 960bhp in total. Acceleration will shatter any existing record, predicted to be under 3s. While McLaren already declared that they won't bother topping Bugatti Veyron's top speed, the car will still tops 380 km/h.

The new McLaren hypercar will go neck to neck with the forthcoming Ferrari Enzo's replacement, codenamed F70. The prancing horse rival meanwhile will pack a 7.3L V12, hooked to the KERS too, and will deliver not much less than 1,000bhp. Isn't 2013 already sounds like an exciting year?

McLaren P1 you see here is almost the real-deal, previewing the real coming product. The design is far more aggressive than the gentlemen MP4-12C, with prominent blackened front fascia, and a McLaren-badged shaped headlamp. The body surfacing is wind tunnel honed, targeted to deliver the best performance of drag reduction, downforce maximization and optimized cooling performance. McLaren is harnessing all its racing experience in developing the car, and the Formula 1 influence is obvious. The rear diffuser for example, is tuned to extract the most of the airflow underneath the car for maximum downforce. Active aerodynamics will features too. Apart from the aero-efficient, the car pays a homage to its forebear too, the most obvious one is the snorkel air intake standing proud of the roof.

The car sits on the Monocell debut on the 12C, but the bodywork and suspension will be all-new, partly to accommodate a highly demanding performance requirement, higher top and cornering speed as well a much more premium positioning. It won't give much spare change from your GBP800,000, and no more than 500 will be build.

McLaren will showcase the P1 Design Study at Paris Motorshow. The official launch will be next year, to coincide with McLaren 50th anniversary.

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