07 September 2012

Ford Mondeo gets new bodystyles & 1.0L engine

The story of engine downsizing continues. While some might perceived Volvo to be brave enough to put a 1.6L engine in the D Segment Volvo S80 T4, Ford now puts a 3 cylinder engine displacing mere 1,064cc in a 4,869mm long car. Of course, true to the year 2012, the engine is forced-fed, and it is nothing other than the now fame EcoBoost unit. For Mondeo application, the said unit is in its highest state of tune with 123bhp and 170Nm of torque produced between 1,300-4,500rpm. An overboost function is available too, and it boost the torque to 200Nm. Perhaps in 3 years time, the D Segment will be powered by 660cc mill with all turbocharger for top end boost, electric supercharger for low end grunt, fanciful valvetrain gizmos and a few injection point beyond in-cylinder and port hooked to a solar roof panel to energy regeneration!

Ford also announced the roll of additional body styles for the Mondeo, which won't be available for its current twin the Fusion. The body styles are the Liftback and Wagon. The Mondeo Liftback is essentially similar to the sedan brethren, but with steeply raked rear screen which also opened up a big hatch for an added practicality, and sporty.While the rear fascia is the same, the rear end is accompanied with the inclusion of rear wiper. A quick glance at the new rear end revealed a really cohesive aesthetic that amalgamate the surface interplay with geometrically shaped appendages.

The Wagon version meanwhile gets a boxier rear end treatment to house an extended boot volume. While there is no information on the cargo volume yet, one would expect the car to be competitively voluminous.

Ford dubbed its new Mondeo as its most premium Mondeo it ever built. The car will come with cutting edge touches which include full LED headlights, rear inflatable seat belt, voice activated in car connectivity in tandem with MyFord Touch and SYNC, 8 inch color touch screen panel and a "tethering" function for up to 5 devices. More photos after the jump.

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