14 September 2012

Iconic VW Beetle enters Malaysia

The new Volkswagen Beetle has made an inroad to the Malaysian market last week during its introduction at VW Das Auto Show 2012 at the KL Convention Centre. The car, simply called "The Beetle" succeed the "New Beetle" which was introduced to the world market way back in 1997.

For Malaysian market, the Beetle is initially offered in 1.2TSI version ,whereas the higher-powered 2.0 TSI will be available at a later stage. The 1.2L version is powered by the fame direct-injection force fed induction unit producing a competitive 105bhp@5,000rpm and a strong 175Nm of torque flat from 1,550-4,100rpm. Drive is fed via 7 speed DSG, sufficient to propel the car to the century sprint in 10.9s on the way to 180km/h of top speed. The car is suspended by McPhersons strut in front and torsion beam at the back. In this trim, the car rides on 215/60 R16 tyre and rim combo.

Compared to the New Beetle, The Beetle measures 1,808 mm wide, 1,486 mm tall  and 4,278 mm long, which is 84mm wider, 12mm lower and 152 mm longer. This has resulted in entirely new proportions. The gain in length meant that the roof could be extended further, the front windscreen could be shifted back, and the rear section could follow the contour of the original Beetle. All of this gives the VW Beetle a powerful appearance with muscular tension, while retaining the legendary bug faced comprises of cheeky rounded headlamp and friendly looking air intake. But it is also bolder, more dynamic, more masculine. The Beetle is now characterised by a clean, self-confident and dominant sportiness. 

There is a touch of retro in the interior design, in the way that the body-color coordinated panel insert at the dashboard and the frame-less door trim. While its forebear interior trimmings is really metal, The Beetle is actually a modern plastic item, moulded and painted to look just like the metal. The interior plastic is heavily textured from top to bottom in typical Volkswagen fashion, although none of them is actually really soft touch item.Equipment list is lengthy. It includes Viena leather upholstery, touch screen audio system with 6 CD changer, 8 speakers setup and cruise control.  Rear accommodation is quite OK but of course it will never be spacious. Boot volume is quoted as 310L.

The 1.2L TSI version is priced at RM139,888 and comes with 5 year warranty inclusive of 2 years of extended warranty. More photos of Volkswagen Beetle can be found after the jump.

Typical Volkswagen stunning surfacing

The gear and centre console - heavily textured, high feel-good factor

Apart from some blanked button, detailing is great

Dashboard and door trim has colored insert. Dual glovebox, with tray at dash top

Door trim with flexible map pocket. Chrome insert lift the ambiance

Rear accommodation- nicely equipped with amenities

The frameless door. One can see the colored insert is actually part of the door trim moulded part

The 310L boot

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