08 September 2012

Malaysian Mazda3 refreshed with exterior facelift

Mazda has quietly update its Mazda3 range in Malaysia, both in cosmetic and costing terms. The update consists of newly design front and rear bumpers. This time around, there is no differentiated bumper The 2.0L car now gets engine starter button and leather upholstery as standard, both on sedan and hatchback. Touch screen audio and navigator is now standard on all versions.

However, while the update for the rest of world comes full swing with Skyactiv technology, for Malaysia it is a complete null. The drivetrain retains the current 1.6L +4AT and 2.0L+5AT. Perhaps this is due to the cost reason and also to simplify CKD operation.

There is anyway some price revision. The 1.6L version now priced at RM100,674 and RM105,593 for the sedan and hatchback respectively. The 2.0L variant are RM121,674.50 and  RM126,399.50 respectively for each body styles. All prices are exclusive of insurance. So while there is a small price increase for the sedan, the hatchback which retails close to RM136k last time has seen its price slashed!

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