29 December 2011

Honda scrapped 1000 cars after Thai flood

In the move that show utmost commitment in delivering quality product, Honda Thailand has begun scrapping the flood-damaged cars from its Thailand stock yard. Consumer doesn't have to worry that the car submerged in Ayutthaya  will be delivered to them as "new" car, as they are in the process of being crushed.

In total, 1055 cars were damaged in the flood. Out of this sum, 353 units are Honda City, 217 units are Honda Brio, 213 units of Jazz, 150 units of Civic, 91 units of Accord, 30 CR-Vs and single unit of Freed. According to EVP of Honda Thailand, Pitak Pruittisarikorn, the vehicles were scrapped in environmentally friendly way to ensure no harm to the environment. 
Firstly, the cars were dismantled for parts segregation according to base material and fluids were drained. The remaining skeleton were then crushed by the mobile pressing machine into cube of scrapped metal for recycling purposes. The whole activities are expected to last for a month. One more photo after the jump.
So no chance to get a cheap spare parts then?

Source: msnbc via autoblog