22 December 2011

Corrected specs for Proton Exora Bold

Seems that in a space of a week the Proton Exora has gained 2 seconds in its century sprint!! Apparently Proton has revised the specification of its newly launched Exora CFE. As can be seen from the excerpt below, the century sprint has been revised to 11.3 seconds instead of 13.3 seconds. This makes the CFE CVT version actually faster than the manual CPS version on "lightweight" basement spec, which stands at 1401kg instead of 1486kg kerb weight!

The compression ratio also has been re-print as 8.9:1, as opposed to 10.0 similar to the CPS. This clear the confusion as it is very rare for a turbo engine to have that high of compression ratio, even with the turbo boost of 0.75 bar like the CFE engine.

Another item revised is the fuel tank capacity, which now quoted as 55 litres instead of 60 litres.