05 December 2011

New Avanza is coming to Malaysia & latest Toyota promotion

The new Toyota Avanza, which was launched in November in Indonesia, is coming to Malaysian shore soon. UMW Toyota has run a teaser on their website <here>. The car of course is no stranger to all my blog reader here, as I have put a comprehensive technical coverage on the new Toyota Avanza. You may want to proceed to the review of the new Toyota Avanza <here>.
For Malaysian market, the 2012 Toyota Avanza will comes in 4 variants, as listed below:
  • 1.3 E (MT) = RM63,864
  • 1.5 E (AT) = RM71,864
  • 1.5 G (AT) = RM76,590
  • 1.5 S (AT) = RM78,865
All prices quoted are for individual registration and for non-metallic paint only. More after the jump.

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For a recap, the new 2012 Toyota Avanza is 4,140mm long, 1,660mm wide and 1,695mm tall. Wheelbase is 2,665mm. This is 20mm longer, 15mm wider and the wheeltrack of 1,425/1,435mm (F/R) is 20mm wider than outgoing model. The model gets an upgraded interior styling which ditched it predecessor utilitarian appearance. Power is provided by similar engine+gearbox combo as current model, in the shapes of 1.3l and 1.5l engine paired with either 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmission.

In India and Indonesian market, the new Avanza will be challenged by the new Suzuki Ertiga. It is a car-based low-riding MPV with monocoque platfrom driven by 1.4l petrol and 1.3l VGT diesel engine. There is no news yet as to whether this car will make it to Malaysia, replacing the APV model which is by all means is a van.

On a different note, Toyota has announced it year end sales for its product lineup. The Toyota Camry is offered with downpayment rebate, 2 years free maintenance and premium tint. The highly-acclaimed Prius hybrid model now comes with low 1.88% pa interest rate for 7 years financing. The best-selling Vios is offered with attractive downpayment rebate and 2 years of free maintenance. Finally, the urban SUV Rush can be bought with a rebate on your downpayment. Promotion valid for car registered before 31st December 2011. For those of you who are a believer in "T" badge, and must get the car branded so regardless of how many forward speed it has on its automatic transmission, please rush as we are already in the first week of December!