09 December 2011

Proton Exora BOLD coming on 16th December?

A strong rumor has spread today that the Proton Exora Bold is to be launched on 16th December, much earlier than the previously announced January 2012.

Proton updated MPV model will be topped by a version powered by new CFE engine, basically an enhanced Campro with turbocharger, IAFM and direct injection. Power and torque are reputedly stand at 138bhp and 205Nm (flat between 2000-4000rpm). Drive will be channeled via the CVT gearbox. However, it remains to be seen whether the lower-price model will received an updated Campro or not. Either way, these drivetrain combos should preview what we can expect in their global car P3-21A.

Apart from the advanced powertrain option, the range topping Exora BOLD is sets to have a 16" alloy wheel, rear disc brake, reverse camera, full body skirting, smoked rear light and a refreshed interior. The new front and rear bumpers really lift the aesthetic value of Proton Exora. One can compare the Exora BOLD with the current Exora in the below photo, the re-profiled rear fascia, relocated reflector and introduction of contrasting lower garnish really lightened-up the rear end look, eliminating the sagging look of the old. Dare I say, there's a touch of class here.

The launch date was reportedly brought forward due to the lack of stock for current Exora MC. But what is people perception in buying a year end car, which will be one year old in two week time?