13 December 2011

Proton Exora FL - specs for BOLD and PRIME revealed

The anticipation for the launch of the facelifted Proton Exora range is running high. The soft launch is rumoured to be done on 16th December, with the official launch in January 2012. Perhaps this is to ignite the public interest in the model and holding them back from buying other rivals, which could be heavily discounted during this year end sales promotion.

Proton-Sales website has revealed the full specs of all version for the 2012 Exora. The current Exora shape will stay in the form of Baseline model, essentially the model we have had on our road right now (with material-coloured door handles, moulding, rear garnish and front grille, deviod of fog lamps and rear headrest etc..). The facelifted range starts from Medium-Line onwards, up to the range-topper 6 seater Exora Prime. It remained to be seen if the Exora will adopt the latest Proton trimming systems namely Standard, Executive and Premium Line. Below are the details of the line-up of 2012 Proton Exora.

Proton Exora Baseline
1. No aesthetic change
2. Powered by Campro CPS
3. 5 speed manual gearbox only

Proton Exora BOLD M-Line
Features of Exora BOLD M-Line:
1. Aesthetic enhancement covers new front bumper with Proton's new corporate grille, smoked headlamp, new rear skirting incorporating black lower garnish, smoked rear combi.
2. Powered by Campro CPS, transmission option both 5 speed manual or 4AT

More detail of the the variant,features and Campro CFE specs after the jump.
Proton Exora BOLD H-Line

Features of Exora BOLD H-Line:
1. Aesthetic enhancement covers new front bumper with Proton's new corporate grille, smoked headlamp, fog lamp, new rear skirting incorporating black lower garnish,smoked rear combi and newly-designed 16" alloy wheel.
2. Interior enhancement covers leather-wrapped steering wheel, new console finishing, reverse camera projected on rear view mirror and electric folding side mirror
3. All-around disc brakes and 4 wheel ABS + EBD
4. Powertrain 1.6l Campro CFE (138bhp & 205Nm of power and torque) paired to CVT gearbox only

Proton Exora PRIME
Features of Exora PRIME
1.  New front bumper, rear garnish and smoked lighting as per Exora BOLD, with satin silver rear garnish, electrically-folded side mirror and 16" alloy in gold finishing completes the exterior makeover.
2. Updated interior featuring luxuriously-trimmed 6 seater layout, with classy walnut finishing on the console as well as uprated entertainment system with Integrated Touch Screen System with SatNav and Rear Camera functionality and headrest monitor on driver and front passenger seat.
3. 4 wheel ABS+Disc Brake + EBD

The CFE powertrain is tagged as having 1.8l  equivalent for power and torque. The CFE engine produced 138bhp@5000 rpm and 205Nm@2000-4000rpm of power and torque respectively, which is a nice jump from Campro CPS which stands at 125bhp@6500rpm and 150Nm@4500rpm. The torque especially, way above the sub 2.0l can ever managed. Typically, NA 2.0l produced around 180-200Nm of torque. However, the measured fuel consumption of the CFE is heavier than the Campro CPS, which itself is no fuel-sipper. CFE consumes 8.3l/100km compared 7.9l/100km for Campro CPS. The 1.8l Grand Livina returned 8l/100km while the larger capacity 2.0l Innova also is about 8l/100km too. Case of trading fuel efficiency for power?

For further detail or inquiry and booking head to Proton-Sales or contact your nearest Proton Edar.