07 December 2011

Proton Exora BOLD ready for distribution

Proton Exora BOLD is due to be launched in January 2012. As depicted by Proton immediate launching plan is the last post, both Exora BOLD and Exora PRIME will be the curtain opener for Proton 2012. I think all the empty slots around the MVF plant now surely being filled by the new facelifted Exora. After all, those MPV looks lorry-bound already.

The new front end is more menacing looking compared to current angular lookout. The vertical side intake is inline with headlamp lines projected downward. The front grille is similar in design to the Proton P3-21A that we have seen so far. The only missing information right now is the detail technical detail on the new turbocharged Campro and the CVT gearbox. One more photo of older spyshot after the jump.