26 December 2011

Honda is the most pothole-proof - WhatCar UK

According to Whatcar UK, Honda is the most pothole-proof car in the UK market. The study was done by Warranty Direct based on the claims done by car owner which were caused by the damaged due to pothole. According to Warranty Direct, only 1.2% of Honda owners submitted such claim. The next best groups are the economy brand such as Toyota et all. The worst performing are Americans as well as the luxury brand. 

In average, there's 6% chance for any car to suffer damage from pothole. However, there are some brands which are very resilient to such road imperfection, while others are vulnerable to more damage. Check out after the jump for full results.

Most resilient brands
1. Honda 
2. Toyota 
3. Hyundai 
4. Nissan 
5. Kia 
6. Mitsubishi 
7. Mini 
8. Suzuki 
9. Ford 
10. Mazda 

Least resilient brands
1. Chrysler 
2. Smart 
3. Mercedes-Benz 
4. Land Rover 
5. Jaguar 
6. Saab 
7. Fiat 
8. BMW 
9. Seat 
10. Vauxhall 

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Source: Whatcar