08 December 2011

Proton P3-21A spied at Karak Highway

Paultan reader Bay MH spied Proton P3-21A at Karak highway. Two car were there and the capturer was chasing them with this Toyota Vios, while there's another black Fiesta chasing the pack too. While we have seen the totally uncovered yellow car earlier, there's still no leaked photo on the rear yet.

The front of the car revealed nothing new yet compared to the un-camouflaged yellow car at TGM plant we have seen earlier. The previously covered front grille is now unmasked whereby you can clearly see the upper garnish, and the emblem mounted dead centre, flanked by the simple horizontally bar right to the edge of headlamp.

The photo below shows the tyre gap with the wheel arch is not as huge as Saga, but more like the current Persona. However, from some angle, the tall-body configuration does show, and under-tyred perception could still be get with the wrong perspective.

The rear end is of course, still unseen uncovered yet. However, the similar theme to Saga FLX is noted here, with slim, small rear combi housed in the side structure, with additional light part running across the rear fascia of the trunk lid.
I wouldn't be surprise if the inner graphic of the rear combi does not differ too much from the Saga FLX design. After all, the upper amber and bottom white lens arrangement is already similar to Saga FLX.

The brake light will run across the centre span too. We can see here that under braking, the centre part is illuminated too. This and some more photo below does indicate that the centre lighting is very likely to be LED illuminated too. After all, it will look awkward if the lighting is not consistent. There more photos after the jump.