03 December 2011

Ertiga - an Avanza rival from Suzuki

Maruti-Suzuki is expected to launch their latest MPV at the New Delhi Auto Expo in January 2012. The Indian made small MPV is expected to deliver a strong challenge to the Toyota Avanza in the Asian countries. Press in Indonesia are also talking about the arrival of this Avanza-killer.

Unlike the budget Toyota MPV, Ertiga is not a lorry-based. Instead it sits on a Suzuki Ritz platfrom. The wheelbase however has been lengthened by a massive 380mm, totalling 2,740mm. For comparison, Perodua Alza wheelbase is 2,750mm and Toyota Avanza is 2,665mm and Proton Exora is 2,730mm. However, at 4,265mm, Suzuki Ertiga is quite close to Perodua Alza 4,205mm long, and longer than Avanza 4,140mm but dwarfed by Proton Exora 4,592mm.

The silhouette of Suzuki Ertiga is a resemblace to Perodua Alza too, with an elongated car-like side profile and reverse kink rear quarter glass. The Ertiga was previewed as Maritu RIII some years back, but the production car resemble anything but that RIII. The front end is unmistakably Suzuki, with the new Swift overtones to it. The rear end is characterized by wrap-around rear lights, which does not follow the trend of opting for vertically-mounted item like most of its rival out there.More details after the jump.

If there's an an area where the Ertiga will outshine the Avanza so glaringly, it would be the interior. From the initial photo obtained here, it looks quite good. The Instrument Panel (IP) is lifted off from the new Swift, albeit beige in color. The Ertiga will seat seven. Double-blower aircond is expected to be featured too. 
For the drivetrain, the Suzuki Ertiga will be offered in both gasoline and diesel powertrain option. The petrol engine is the new K14 engine with 1,372cc, VVT-equipped and will produce around 95bhp. The diesel version will be top-of-the-line variant, and will be powered by the Fiat-design, 1.3l Variable Geometry Turbo from the current Suzuki SX4, and will deliver 89bhp.

The inclusion of diesel option is what makes the Ertiga unique among its rival. Combined with promised of proper family MPV driving experience, the new Ertiga is sets to give a strong challenge to current market strong-holder. The car is due to be displayed in January 2012.