23 March 2012

BMW 3 Series F30 launched in Malaysia

BMW Malaysia has launched the new 3 Series to the Malaysian market, mere month after the car is delivered to the other market globally. Such rapid move is a testament to BMW Malaysia commitment to deliver the best product to Malaysian consumer. Indeed, 500 or so of the initial batches of F30 will be CBU, while the CKD program will commence in around 3 months time. According to Geoff Briscoe, Managing Director of BMWGroup Malaysia, 

“We couldn’t wait till local assembly started as the new 3-Series has been launched in so many other markets. It has always been our policy to introduce new models in Malaysia as soon as possible, so we’re starting off with CBU imports first. Orders have reached about 500 units and I’ve never seen our BMW dealers so happy. I am proud to say that the all-new BMW 3-Series is a testament to what it truly means to be… the car of tomorrow being made available for the world of today." 

BMW Malaysia has brought in 3 models for now, namely 320d, 328i and 335i. The 320d is powered by the familiar 2.0L diesel lump, featuring variable geometry turbine turbocharger and high pressure common rail direct injection systems. The lump kicks out 184bhp@4000rpm and 380Nm of torque between 1750-2750rpm. This version is capable of achieving 4.5L/100km in mixed cycle condition. Not to be put off by the extremely low fuel consumption, the 320d is capable of century sprint in respectable 7.6 seconds and 230km/h of top speed.
BMW 320d is Base Specs (top and bottom)
The 328i meanwhile is powered by the new N20 engine, displacing mere 2.0L but capable of punching out a significant 245bhp between 5000-6500rpm and 350Nm from diesel-like 1250-4800rpm of torque. The impressive figure is the courtesy of the BMW latest application of TwinPower turbo technology comprising of twin-scroll turbocharger, Valvetronic and direct injection systems. Fuel economy figure is quoted as 6.3L/100km in combined cycle. 100km/h sprint can be attained in impressive 6.1 seconds, while top speed is 250 km/h. More details after the jump.
BMW 328i in Luxury Lines
The 335i needs no further introduction, as the powertrain unit is similar to the outgoing power. The 3.0L gasoline lump gets all the TwinPower turbo goodies as per the smaller sibling, but retain the good old BMW configuration of in-line 6 cylinder layout. This legendary engine produced 306bhp between 5800-6000rpm and 400Nm between 1200-5000rpm, giving it a meaty torque band. Acceleration to 100km/h can be done in scorching 5.5 seconds on its way to 250 km/h of top speed. Fuel efficiency is rated as 7.2L/100km in mixed cycle condition.
BMW 335i in Sport Line
All versions of powertrain for Malaysian market is paired to the 8 speed automatic transmission as standard. ECO PRO engine management systems is standard fitted too, so is the Auto Start/Stop system. 
Luxury Line interior scheme

Sport Line interior scheme
As usual, Malaysian buyer will not be able to enjoy the freedom in specifying the specs for their car. Although globally the new F30 is available in Base, Sport, Modern and Luxury lines, our model are pre-selected by BMW Malaysia with Luxury or Sport Line for 328i and 335i. Buyer of the 320d will have to content with Base spec for now. For the new reader, the Lines in the BMW F30 offer significant differentiations between each other. MMN has covered this extensively during the global F30 launch in October last year. Refer to the link below for explanation of each Lines.

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BMW 3 Series F30 Sport Line photos and details -> All the detail of F30 Sport Line
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BMW 3 Series F30 Modern Line photos and details -> All the detail of F30 Modern Line

For a recap, the new BMW is 4,624mm long, 1,811mm wide and 1,42mm tall. Wheelbase is 2,810mm. The car is 93mm longer and have a 50mm longer wheelbase compared to the current E90. Boot volume has been increased to 480L too.

BMW Malaysia has also announced the CBU prices for the 3 models. The range is kick-start by the 320d at RM268,800. 328i is priced at RM309,800 while the range-topper 335i is priced at RM488,800. All prices are without insurance, but inclusive of BMW BS+RI package.

The new BMW F30 is indeed delicious looking machine. It is a very tempting buying proposition, particularly the 320d version. Now, where's my conscience....

Note: Photos are from Paultan.org

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