03 March 2012

Video : UTP intern at Mercedes GP PETRONAS

Paultan has put up a video on Michael Schumacher and Jazeman Jaafar paid a visit to a bunch of UTP students who are currently doing their internship at the F1 team Mercedes GP. Quite an interesting watch, however, there's a lot of bugger who brought up the issue of Bumi VS Non-Bumi as early as the 7th comment!!!! How stupid, and how really silly act is this when we are supposed to stand proud of witnessing our fellow Malaysian in the global spotlight, there is group of bugger to keep thinking about being racist all day long. Anyway, to those UTP students, seize your moments while you can. Opportunity like this does not come everyday!
Again I would like to stress out, please, and please support Malaysian as a whole as in the eyes of the world, they don't give a damn about your race, but more on your nationality. In this 55 years of independence, its time to be Malaysian rather than shouting Bumi and non-Bumi!

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Right on!!!