03 March 2012

Honda Malaysia launched the updated Insight

Honda Malaysia has brought in the updated Honda Insight to Malaysian shore. The car actually is not new, as it has been launched in Frankfurt Motorshow back in September 2011. MMN has covered the news before, head HERE

In a nutshell, the 2012 revision brought in a reduction in CO2 emission to 96 g/km through some internal friction reduction, 2% reduction is aerodynamic drag and slightly improved fuel mileage. Styling updates includes  a blue tinted headlamps to perhaps further accentuate its environmental credentials. The grille and front lips has been sharpened up. At the back, the spoiler has been revised to enhance visibility and the tailgate garnish has been re-colored as grey as opposed to body color. The NVH has improved by the adding of more noise insulator, while the cabin volume has been improved by re sculptured rear seats that brings in 15mm more rear head room.
The updated Honda Insight is still priced at RM99,800 and still powered by the Hybrid IMA paired to 1.3L engine. The larger 1.5L hybrid powering the Insight Executive is not yet offered in Malaysia. For greater details about the enhanced Insight, head to Honda Malaysia website.

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