09 March 2012

Proton P3-21A delayed from original March launch

Proton has delayed the launch of the eagerly-waited P3-21A , according to Btimes.The delay is said to be caused by the last minute design changes that effect the cost and part readiness. Furthermore, the hot forming components are still being sourced from Germany using the soft tooling, not the mass-production hard tooling facilities. 

Due to this, there is a serious shortage of parts resulting in mere 600 units produced in March, instead of planned 2,621 units. Also, from January to February, instead of producing 4,246 units, only 337 were made. So there won't be enough cars for launching, let alone for customer delivery.

The original launch date is 17 March. Now some rumours are saying May in a more likely date. The question is, why there is such a delay, especially the one that involved major parts such as the hot press parts? Usually, the long lead time stamped parts are design-freezed much, much earlier in the development schedule. Sound fishy? 

There's other way to look at it. First perspective is sometimes last year, DSSZ did mentioned that the P3-21A  is due to be launched in April 2012, so there's a possibility that, internally they are still meeting the dateline. Secondly, perhaps the new owner DRB-Hicom would like to delay things until all the reshuffling has been done and they themselves can launch the car instead of the current Proton's management regime? 

Anyway, those who are around the Klang Valley, head to Stadium Bukit Jalil from 14-18 March for Proton's Power of 1 Showcase. According to fellow blogger friend ( and salesman too), the event could be the replacement of the originally planned grand launching of the P3-21A. However, despite the fact of the P3-21A delay, there will still be a lot of activities such as the technology demonstration and F1 car exhibition. Perhaps a teaser of P3-21A will be there too.....


used car said...

Fine piece of writing. Balanced, clear, nuanced

usedcar said...

Fine piece of writing. Balanced, clear, nuanced