01 March 2012

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - fastest and most powerful road going Ferrari ever!

Ferrari has launched online its latest supercar, F12berlinetta as a successor to the game-changer 599 GTB Fiorano. Dubbed the most powerful and the fastest road going Ferrari so far, the F12 boasts 730hp@8500rpm and an earth-pulling 690Nm at 6000rpm, out of which 80% of it is accessible from as low as 2500rpm, promising a much needed low speed tractability.

The new front-engined GT, previously rumoured to be called F620GT, is powered by a 6.3L V12 engine with 13.5:1 compression ratio. This powertrain masterpiece has taken some leaf out from the Ferrari F1 engine with its lowly positioned (30mm lower than 599 GTB) to bring down the centre of gravity. The engine is paired to the dual clutch transmission with integration with electronic E-Diff. No ratios are mentioned, but MMN believed 7 speed is a ball park figure.

Despite the notable increased in power from its predecessor, as with the 458 Italia, the F12 stays truth to modern Ferrari concept in delivering the performance in a cleaner, more efficient way. With the innovation such as the minimization of engine internal friction and multi-spark ignition function that is capable in producing 3 successive sparks of varying intensity and duration based on engine loading which help in reducing the fuel consumption by a whopping 30% from the 599 GTB, as well as reducing CO2 emission from 415 to 350g/km. All of these in a package that can deliver 3.1seconds 100km/h sprint, as well as 340 km/h top speed. 

The transaxle layout of the F12berlinetta is a refined version from the concept implemented in 599 GTB. Among the improvement are the centralized mass closer to the centre of the car, lowered c.o.g by optimization of component packaging and a reduction in frontal area. This results in tight packaging contained within the body of 4,618mm long, 1,942mm wide and 1,273mm tall. These dimensions are corresponding to 47mm shorter, 19mm narrower and  63mm lower than its predecessor. Weight has been slashed too by 70kg, thanks to aluminium construction and the weight distribution has improved slightly to 46:54. The reduction is frontal area has resulted in drag coefficient of 0.299, similar to 599 GTB despite the 76% increased in downforce, which now stands at 123kg at 200km/h.

The interior of the F12berlinetta carries the same concept pioneered by the 458 Italia, with driver-centric console with instrument control housed within the steering wheel. The cabin accommodation has been improved in spaciousness by being capable to housed 1.95m occupants, with 320L of boot space. Taking the leaf out of the Ferrari FF, the boot is expandable to 500L with some folding mechanism. As per the FF, the car also features sub-instrument screen in front of the passenger seat.

Ferrari F12berlinetta will make its official unveiling at Geneva Motorshow next week. For now we have to be contented with the official studio-supplied photo gallery. However, if you fancy having a (Ferrari) wet dream why don't you try to build your own Ferrari F12berlinetta? Head to the Configurator. Stay tune for more news. More photos after the jump.

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A 'front-engined' ferrari is never truly a ferrari i believe... :-)