12 March 2012

Motoring Scene in Japan

Japan is a busy country. Things are moving fast and precise. So are the people, quietly walking at a fast pace, clear with their daily objective to chase, and yet so polite upon stumbling upon anybody. For a car enthusiast like yours truly, MMN author, the sight of motoring in Japan is something I've been waiting to see all my life. There's nothing more amazing than seeing all those JDM's running along the street, be it the K-car supermini with satnav, or the VIP style Toyota Crown scraping the tarmac, all of those are the sights to behold. More importantly, they seems to be governed by a set of rules, which everyone seems to follow obediently. 
Most of the cars the small cars. And the very new one like the new Suzuki Swift and Toyota Yaris are aplenty already. I've seen a lot of Toyota Passo/Daihatsu Boon, but not so much of the Sette/Luminas version. In one of the quiet street, there's also a couple of Mitsu Eterna (Proton Perdana) and Mitsu Asti (Putra). Old VW Polo are quite a lot too. I've seen a Toyopet dealership nearby my stay, but not quite which Toyota model it sells. Definitely the new "Hachiroku" is not there!

I can't promise, but for my loyal reader, I'll try to find some interesting news for you all!

PS:anyway, there were one-hour show last nite reviewing the new BMW 3 Series F30. It is a very thorough car review program, and all athough I understand not a single word they were uttering, I can somehow catch what they've said.

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