20 March 2012

M Performance part from F30 3 Series

BMW has launched the M Performance Part series during the 2012 Geneva Motorshow. It consists of aesthetic and performance enhancement for the BMW 1 Series (F20), 3 Series (F30) and 5 Series (F10,F11).  The parts are developed in collaboration with BMW's M Division and designed to fit onto or replace the M Sport Package parts installed on the 3 models listed above. In this articles, MMN is going to concentrate on the newest car in BMW family, the F30 which is scheduled to be launched in Malaysian market later this month.

Firstly, the exterior outlook of the F30 M Sport has been further enhanced with M Performance Aerodynamics Package consisting front splitter, rear duck tail spoiler and blades for the side sills. In this white samples of F30 M Sport, the blackened M Performance Parts contrast nicely with the background, accentuated further by the black strips and 20" dark alloy wheels. The front grille too is finished in black. At the back, there is also M Performance exhaust systems offered for 335i. For the diesel model, chromed exhaust pope finisher is offered instead. Menacing innit?
Body-kit aside, the suspension, braking and alloy wheels are also items of improvement, offering a host of enhanced performance compared to the cooking M Sport parts. First-up is the alloy wheels, 20" in size for the F30 in 405M design which is forged alloy that 1kg lighter apiece than the M Sport wheel. Contrasting finish is achieved by painting the wheel is glossy black prior to machine-out the spokes alternately to achieve the contrasting appearance. Lurking behind the alloys is the 18" that is crossed drilled and ventilated to offer much higher thermal resistance than the standard item. The calipers can be ordered in orange, yellow and red. The suspension is uprated too with M Performance chassis parts.
The Performance Kit for the gasoline version is still work-in-progress (for N20 is 25i guise and 335i), the 320d version can now be ordered with M Performance Power Kit which raised the power output of the diesel powerplant from 184bhp to 200bhp. Torque figures meanwhile bumped from 380Nm to 420Nm. The increased in performance has been achieved via electronics recalibration and due to that, larger intercooler has been fitted. More details after the jump.
No BMW package is complete without the interior re-decoration. In this application, the interior has been garnished with Alcantra steering wheel with carbon fibre insert, carbon fibre gearknob and handbrake lever with alcantra gaiter, stainless steel foot rest and pedal as well carbon fibre trim littered around the cabin replacing the metal or wood as well as colored line across the IP. 
With the F30 coming soon to our market, and judging by BMW Malaysia appetite for diesel these days, it is very likely the 320d will be brought in (& assembled) again. As for the base M Sport Package, it will be available worldwide sometimes mid-year. Surely these packaged can be ordered from your local Auto Bavaria. For those who can afford it, please lend me photos of your can upon completion!

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