31 March 2012

The new Toyota Camry - coming in June from RM152,000

The new generation Toyota Camry will be launched in Malaysian market in June Three variants with two engine option will be offered here; 2.0E, 2.0G and 2.5V. The 2.0L version is carried over wholesomely from the current Camry, meaning that it will offer 148PS@6000rpm and 190Nm@4000rpm of power and torque and will be hooked to an "advanced" automatic transmission that comes with amazing four forward ratio. Yes ladies and gent, it is 4 speed auto in the year 2012! What don't they just hook it up with the CVT from current Altis 2.0L. Every car maker should be "like" Proton. In order to get away from the world of competing gear ratios, it is better to just use CVT with its infinitely variable gear. You can specify 21 preset ratios if you want!
The 2.5L version however is more like 2012 car. The car is powered by bigger 4-cylinder lump with 2,494cc kicking 181PS@6000rpm and 231Nm@4100rpm. Drive is channelled via 6 speed automatic gearbox.

Orders for the all-new CKD Toyota Camry is now accepted at all Toyota sales outlet. The price starts from RM152,000 for the 2.0E, rising to RM160,000 for the 2.0G and finally topping the scale at RM183,000 for the 2.5V. There is a hefty price increased over the current model which also is a CBU, so Toyota better has an explanation in terms of better equipment level etc. The carried over of archaic transmission will not help either. But this is only the ramblings on non-Toyota buyer, for those who's buying, a T badge worth the world no matter to what thing it is fixed to! More details including the detail specification after the jump.

The variation in specification between the 2.0E, 2.0G and 2.5G is outlined below:

For greater illustration on how "our" Camry will look like, please refer to the Thailand official Toyota website HERE. Alternatively, refer to previous MMN posting for Ukraine and Japan model below:
Ukraine Model - HERE
Japan Model - HERE

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