05 September 2011

Toyota Camry JDM launched - all hybrid range

Toyota Motor today launched the JDM version of much-awaited Toyota Camry in its domestic market. For now, the new model is Hybrid-only. The single model line up come with three variant; Hybrid, Hybrid G Package and Hybrid Leather Package.

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The single engine source is a DOHC 2.5 litre inline-4 Atkinson cycle engine, codenamed 2AR-FXE + THS II. The front wheel is driven by the CVT, which is common combo for hybrid drivetrain.
Styling-wise, the new Camry posed no surprise as numerous spyhots has been seen, and the Ukraine bound model is essentially similar version. The only differentiation is the Hybrid spesific item such as front grille and bumper treatment. Hence, it is safe to assume the non-Hybrid version will look just like the Ukraine model, or like the Chinese spyshots model.  
There is strong angular lines around the hood outer surface, particularly near the leading edge. This lends some masculine, if a little bland touch to the car. Gone is the blocky old headlamps of old Camry, replaced with slimmer and sharper version, but without fancy inner graphics usually adorning Japanese car.
The rear end is where it is bland the most. The simple rear combi simply is no match to current Camry LED item, with much more expensive looking inner graphic. Lets hope the Malaysian car will have a localized rear combi with more taste of class.

Wheres the exterior is bland, the same cannot be said for the interior. While the previous model is a beige coloured, with soothing color scheme combination of beige, silver and wooden finish, the new model opted for sporty black scheme. There will be probably beige color for more conservative South East Asian market, but overall architecture is more edgy, with more design flair than before.
Multi-function steering is adorned with control button, lined with dark silver trim surrounding it. Similar bezel is found surrounding the ICE concole, gear gate and side aircon vent. Power window switch gets greater trim detailing in forms of dark silver plus wooden trim. 
Meter combination is as legible as typically Toyota is. There is certainly more upmarket detailing such as chrome bezel around the meter. Level of opulence approached the new Lexus GS kind of style.

The version here is the Hybrid G package, with fabric seat. Leather option is available too for plusher setting.

The drivetrain is newly developed 2AR-FXE Atkinson cycle 2.5 litre, in-line four DOHC engine. It is paired to THS II, an evolved version of Toyota hybrid system. The combination of gasoline engine and electric motor gives a 3.0 litre equivalent in terms of performance. Fuel economy is rated as 26.5 l/100km in Japanese 10-15 cycle mode.

Technical summary of new Camry Hybrid
Body dimension : 4825mm x 1825mm x 1470mm (length x width x height)
Wheelbase : 2775mm
Weight: 1540 kg
Aerodynamics drag coefficient : 0.28
Engine: 2.5l i-4 DOHC, Atkinson cycle
Power (gasoline): 160PS@5700 rpm
Torque (gasoline):213Nm@4500rpm

Power (motor): 143PS
Torque (motor):270Nm
Combined power: 205PS
Fuel tank: 65l

In Japan, the car is available with cosmetic upgrades of Modellista package, consists of usual skirting and rims.