08 September 2011

Official Ferrari 458 Spider debut

If there is a car maker that can produce car with sensuous curve that warrant your entire attention, the one that can excite any heart to beat to the extremities and drive you to uncontrollably grasp and feel the body, this is it, the Ferrari. Despite beating off-beat sometimes with ill-fated styled product, yet any of it never fail to capture uninterrupted attention when one passes by. Say hello to the new Ferrari 458 Spider.
With official photos and video circulated in the internet since late August, with launched announced for Frankfurt Motorshow, Ferrari has debuted the car yesterday in its hometown Maranello.
Spider version of 458 model is equipped with patented, fully retractable hard top instead of traditional soft top that usually fitted to their topless V8 mid engine family. Here is the scene it is being driven by Ferrari F1 ace, Fernando Alonso, double world champion. Perfect combination between ultimate driver in equally perfect machine.
Ferrari 458 Spider employed a folded hard that swing around rear buttress before being lowered on top of engine compartment. Incidently, this arrangement eliminated the showcase of its powertrain, featured on the coupe version. More photos after the jump.

Just in case you managed to forget the breathtaking specification of the Ferrari 458, here's a quick summary for you.
Dimensions: 4527mm x 1937mm x 1211mm (length x width x height) with 2650mm of wheelbase
Weight : 1430 kg with 42/58 weight distribution
Powertrain: 4,499cc V8 producing 570hp@9000 rpm and 540Nm@6000 rpm
Transmission: 7 speed dual clutch gearbox
Tyre size: 235/35 ZR20 (F) & 295/35 ZR20 (R)
Performance: <3.4 seconds for century sprint and 320km/h top speed
Fuel consumptions: 11.8l / 100 km
Price: Well, if you need to ask....

Enough of engineering fact, let start salivating on the pure beauty. Enjoy the galleries below, copyrighted by teamspeed.
Stunning, stunning and stunning again
Obviously the car creates a lot of buzz

Entirely your choice to pick the best butt, you choose
Agressive and low stance further accentuated by removal of fixed roof
Felipe Massa is there too
The car will make its debut in Frankfurt Motorshow soon. Stay tune for more photos and details.