14 September 2011

Hyundai i30 motorshow photos

Hyundai has released technical details and studio photos of the their latest European hatchback challenger, the new i30 ahead of Frankfurt motorshow. However, those photos are very limited, especially on the rear end of the car. So here it is, photos from the floor of Frankfurt Motorshow.

Hyundai really makes beautiful car these days. While the Sonata and Tuscon were the pioneer of this fluidic design concept, its elements have been refined further in the Elantra and i30 where they are simply mindblowingly pretty, too pretty, in fact, for the mainstream automaker.
The car comes with 1.4l and 1.6l  engine, where both capacities come with petrol and diesel option. The petrol features direct injection system and the diesel version are of CRDi family variety. All four engines are hooked up to standard 6 speed manual gearbox, and the higher capacity duo of petrol and diesel gets the option of 6 speed autotransmission too.  More after the jump.

The new i30 comes with a host of Hyundai latest equipment such as electric parking brake, adaptive headlight, high resolution TFT LCD and knee-airbag too.

Look how far the Korean has moved the game ahead since the early this new millenium. Not only they have come up with the latest-state-of-the-art powertrain system, but their styling how has flair and distinctive image. Perhaps any national car maker should adopt the same approach. Be open. Get global exposure. Open design house abroad. Get international chiefs. The list goes on...

P/S : If Proton Persona R (P3-21A) can't match at least the design flair of this car, let alone the powertrain advancement, then it can forget about being a global car. The Korean has get there first!