14 September 2011

Latest automotive engineering job opening

Fancy working in automotive engineering? There's no better place in the entire Malaysia to do that other than in Proton, where the complete R&D facilities (design, analysis, prototype, homologation and testing) are waiting for enthusiastic individual to join the force in catapulting Malaysia automotive engineering capability towards world standard. Jobstreet listed some recent posting by them which could spark the interest of young, innovative and motivated individual to get involved. Below are the position available as of today.
  1. Design Engineer - Powertrain the sole remaining place in Malaysia to do powertrain, except at LEM, the only other place with this job scope (with people of F1 and racing experience no less than that) has been shutdown last April. They need people with 5 years of working experience ( with one complete project, really odd as they are the only one doing it here in Malaysia) and some CAD/CAE experience. Check out Jobstreet or email recruit@proton.com
  2. Engineer- Research Energy and Mechanical - 2 years experience and knowledge in alternative energy source. Check out Jobstreet or email recruit@proton.com
  3. Senior Executive - Engineering Planning 7 years of experience in engineering development and manufacturing industry and capable of harnessing the team strength. Head to Jobstreet or email recruit@proton.com
  4. Engineer - Vehicle Cost Reduction if you ask me, I'll tell you this is a very interesting job as it involved a lot of innovation and you need to go through complete vehicle certification to get the cost-optimised part through mass production. They need people with 4 years of experience with good knowledge in manufacturing and costing. Probably great vendor management technique will help too. Click Jobstreet or email recruit@proton.com
  5. Engineer Research - Technology Management 3 years experience is preferred with sound knowledge in technology roadmapping and strong liaison with research institution. Head to Jobstreet or email recruit@proton.com 
  6. There are several more position available. There's also non-technical position such as Corporate Planning and Industrial Relation. Full listing can be viewed through here.
There are a few more sound engineering job that can be found. Even aeronautical engineering company is recruiting at the moment. Below are some link to interesting technical job.
For all the job hunter out there, happy hunting! Follow your heart desire in selecting the job your fond, believe in your capability, know what you want and sooner or later, success will be yours!