30 September 2011

Myvi top the sales chart - again in August 2011

Myvi has stamped its superiority in Malaysia's market once again this month with 7,881 unit registered in August 2011, narrowly beating Proton Saga which 7,214 units were sold. However, Myvi August sales is 566 units less than July figure, leading up to the suspicion that the July sales figure might merely an accelerated back log delivery, instead of pure sales. However, this needs to be monitored over the next few month for confirmation.

As a brand, Perodua sold 18,174 unit compared to 16,185 of Proton in August 2011. Perodua however led a bigger margin last month by 4,109 unit compared to 1,989 unit this month. In terms of overall 2011 sales, Perodua has sold 114,016 cars, 342 units more than its nemesis Proton. Toyota, Honda and Nissan complete the top five. On overall national sales figure, August sales of 56,555 units of vehicles is 17% more than July sales figure.

For more complete data of August car sales, head to Motortrader: