13 September 2011

2012 Honda Civic Euro revealed in Frankfurt

The new Honda Civic for European market has been revealed at Frankfurt Motorshow. The new car marks a progression of previous futuristically-design Civic Euro, with an added refinement, aerodynamics and occupants visibility. The car is still based on current generation platform, with the wheelbase shortened by 30mm. But Honda promised class-leading interior space as well as vast 470l of boot space by efficient packaging. Heavily revised torsion beam rear suspension and central mounted fuel tanks are concept carried from outgoing model and the key to efficient packaging.
The new Civic retained its predecessor proportion, but the exterior body panels has been totally redesigned.  The previously clean and taut surface, punctuated by straight lines and sharp angle intersection has been replaced with smoother, more creases and with more character. Honda designer said they were inspired by aircraft blended wing concept, but those from aeronautical world will surely struggle to find the similarities. Lets just say the new car has less sharp angle panel, reduced straight panel and replaced with curvier surface that meets other panels with bigger radius, and hence more "blended". Anyhow, the new design has a drag coefficient of 0.27. More details after the jump.

The front end adopted the similar theme such as Honda Insight and Odyssey where there is a separate middle section, in different color that sits in between the headlamps, grille and bumpers. Whereas this section is chrome in Odyssey and FCX, it is grey here, just like the Insight. It is a complete departure from Asian Civic though this is hardly suprising as these two siblings has never shared body panels.
Strong character lines mirrors those wheelarches. It gives the impression more squat stance, and reducing the impression of length. Black cladding around the wheelarch is retained like previous model design concept. The rear end is more deliberate in its approach where the outgoing model get a much simpler lighting and bumper setup. Triangular exhaust exits and meshed lower sections are no more!
It is from this profile that the basic proportion is clearly carried over from last model. Glass house looks virtually identical, same with the hidden rear door handle.

The cabin has a similar theme to current model with double layered IP. However the curvy styling of previous model IP has gone, and boxier design element now took place.
Unlike its Asian sibling, the Euro Civic looks less cost-down. For example there is still a silver trimming surrounding the gear gate and meter binnacle. Asian Civic goes all-black in gear console. The meter binnacle of Asian Civic is single item part, with none of three separate housing like this, let alone the silver garnish around it!
The audio system, although less integrated than previous model, is still far more attractive than the Asian jumbo button model. Perhaps it is the typical European high demand for interior quality dictated that the quality of the newer model remained high despite the need to continually cut cost. 

For UK market, the engine line-up will for the moment mirror the current offerings of 1.4l and 1.8l gasoline with 2.2l i-DTEC from Honda Accord model. The new 1.6l , crucial in European market, will be available from 2012.

Enjoy some more photos below.